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APRIL 23, 2014 Good Luck Everyone at State!

Compulsory State Meet Rotation Schedule

Compulsory State Meet Info


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Please take a few minutes to take our survey for feedback for the 2014-2015 competitive season. Deadline is April 27th. Survey (Surveys without USAG member number will not be considered.)

Congratulations to Sandy Flores, new State Chair and thank you Colleen Long for running for the postion.

XCEL State Meet Results


SPU - 4 events - 4 National Champs!

Sophomore Maria Hundley, VT, BB and tie for UB: Kai Tindall tie FX.

SPU Advances to the final four in Providence, RI. 3rd place!

Nice Article on SPU's head coach Laurel Tindall and daughter Kai - as they finish up Kai's senior year at USAG Collegiate Nationals.

4-11-14 The USA Gymnastics Region II board is now accepting bids for the 2015 Level 8-10 Regional competition. If you are interested in hosting this meet, please fill out a bid form that can be found on the Region II website. Deadline: November 14, 2014.
Save the dates: USA Gymnastics Regional Congress August 8-10, 2014: Naydenov Gymnastics in Vancouver, WA
Regional Congress August 28-30, 2015 Site TBD
If you have any questions/concerns/feedback on the XCEL program, please e-mail them to Dianne Palmer at by May 15th. Please send feedback on the silver vault.


Washington wins - again!- the Level 8 Regional State Team Challenge.(Pictured: Emilie Henningsen, Mya Lauzon, Maya Ford, Ashley Yang, Miyeko Johnson, Salima Mayanja, Karlei Shearer, Amanda Zeng.)






Regionals: Results and WA Champions

Level 6/7 Invite:
L. 6 Younger: Lily Bath, LEGA1st AA, UB, BB, FX
Level 7: Jr B: Maggie Carstens, Dynamic, 1st BB, FX

Level 10
JRA Jaimee Fields, Garland's 1 AA, UB; Madison Brunette, SGA 1st VT; Shilese Jones AGC, 1st FX
JRB: Kristina Peterson, Metro 1st AA, BB, FX; Ashley Albrecht, LEGA, 1st VT; Kaitlyn Lane, BHG, 1st UB.
JRC: Alexis Takara, AGC, 1st UB; Sienna Brane, CEG, 1st FX.

JRD: Haley Roy, AGC, 1st VT, FX; Evanni Roberson, ECGA 1st UB

SRA: Misty-Jade Carlson, Naydenov, 1st AA, BB

SRB: Lauren Schmeiss/Tossey, CEG West, 1st AA, VT tie; Maryanna Peterson, Metro 1st, BB, VT tie.

SRC: Ana Sabates, CEG, 1st AA, UB.

SRD: Mary Jacobsen, ECGA, 1st AA, VT, UB, BB tie; Kendra Daniels, Gym NW, BB tie, FX.

Level 9:
Grace Johnson ECGA, 1st AA, FX; Brooke Donabedian, NAY, 1st UB, BB; Emma Morgenthaler, Eastside, 1st VT.
JRB; Jordan Stretch, Northwest, 1st AA, VT, BB; Madison Lomauro, ECGA, 1st UB, FX.
JRC: Donna Webster, CEG, 1st AA, BB tie; Jennifer Powers, LEGA, 1st BB tie; Kaysha Walford, Gym East 1st UB.
JRD: Samantha Smith, AGC, 1st AA, VT, UB, FX.

SRA: Geneva Thompson, Metro, 1st AA; Kayla Porter, AGC, 1st UB

SRB: Zoe McNeill, SGA, 1st tie FX

SRC: Hannah Hamlin, Grace, 1st AA, UB; Abby Gluckman, Metro, 1st FX

SRD: Madeline Brooks, NWA, 1st AA; Julia Williams, Garland's 1st tie VT and tie FX; Jordan Helgesen, NWGA 1st UB

Level 8:

CHA: Amanda Zeng, Gym E, 1st AA, UB, BB tie; Mya Lauzon, Metro, 1st VT, BB tie; Karlei Shearer, AGC, 1st FX

CH B: Emilie Hennings, CEG, 1st AA, VT; Anna Parchman, ECGA, tie 1st UB; Kaylee Sugimoto, NAY, 1st BB

JRA: Ashleigh Helms, ECGA, 1st AA, UB, BB; Emily Yang, AGC, 1st VT, tie FX; Ashley Yang, AGC, tie 1st FX

JRB; Elizabeth Mantle, AGC, 1st tie BB; Kennedy Cribbs, NWGA, 1st tie BB; Allyson Moriarty, FGC 1st tie, BB

SRA: Maya Ford, ECGA, 1st AA, UB, tie BB; Nicole Jas, ECGA, 1st VT, FX

USA Gymnastics Washington
State Board Meeting Agenda
April 28, 2014

1.  Reports from the board members on the calendar for 2014-2015 (from the membership)
2.  Approval of the sectional/state calendar for 2014-2015
3.  Sectional/state entry fees and admission fees for 2014-2015
4.  Hall of Fame for 2014
5.  Bid process for sectional/state and invitational meets (dates for scheduling)
6.  Approval of the State Directors board position criteria
7.  State clinic update

USAG Washington members please send any input to the board.

NCAA Regionals: Local Gymnast ties for first on Uneven Bars and Qualifies to Nationals. (Boise States Junior Kelsey Morris, LEGA, at the Seattle Regionals) read more

Jordan Chiles, Naydenov's, selected to the USA National Team.

Jordan placed 6th all around, with the team taking gold at the Jesolo Trophy meet in Italy, March 22-23. Jordan also took silver in the vault event finals.

She is coached by Erika Bakacs and Dimitri Taskov, and trains at Naydenov Gymnastics, in Vancouver, WA.


April 5th - NCAA Regionals

Teams: Alabama, Nebraska, Boise State, Denver, BYU, UW and local individuals include Kaila Kilwien, Dallas Smith, Kalliah McCartney and Kayla Wonderly, Sac State; Stefany Bryan, (SGA) Alaska - along with SPU gymnasts Kai Tindal, Maria Hudley and Tracie Villanueva (HITS gymnast).


Congrats to the following TEAMS at this past weekends Optional State Meet:

Level 6

1st: LEGA

2nd: Gym East

3rd: AGC

Level 7

1st: ECG

2nd: AGC

3rd: CEG

Level 8

1st: AGC

2nd: ECG

3rd: METRO

Level 9

1st: AGC

2nd: GRACE

3rd: CEG

Level 10

1st: AGC

2nd: CEG

3rd: CEGW

USAG Master Of Sport Award WA recipients - George Lewis and Dale McClements-Kephart. (Also Al Fong and many from our region including Linda and Dick Mulvihil, Bob Levesque, Marvin Sharp, Patty and Neil Resnick and from the men's program UW coach Mark Russo and UW gymnast Yoshi Hayasaki.)


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Interesting topic - Combating Achilles Tears In Gymnastics (Pt 1)

Combating Achilles Tears (Pt 2)

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2-18-14 Dear Pro Members, 
After receiving much feedback from the community, the JO Committee has  "re-mixed" the Level 3 Violin version of the Floor music. This version is available through Itunes for $0.99. (You are NOT required to buy it. The intensity of the violin note that occurs during the handstand bridge kick over has been reduced. Thank you! USA Gymnastics

2-16-14 The Washington State Gymnastics Coaches Association (High School) -inducted Earla Reed into the Hall of Fame, February 21, 2014. Please congratulate Earla as only the second Washington official to be given this honor!


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Our own local Dr. Josh Eldridge's book on treating the most common gymnastics injuries is now available. click here

Senior Dori Overhus from Cascade Elite is excited to fulfill her dream of becoming a Gym Dawg! Dori officially signed paperwork this week to join the University of Washington gymnastics team as a freshman in the 2014 season. Congratulation, Dori!


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Touching tribute to SPU alumni and WA judge, Corine Olsen watch


SEPT 25, 2013
We are extremely saddened to give you news that is breaking our hearts with sorrow. Corine Olsen, our "smiley judge" who proudly received her National rating this July, has passed away suddenly. Our prayers go out to each and every one of you, her friends in the gymnastics community, and most importantly to her family and friends in her life at home. As we receive more information, we will pass on any way that our community can assist her family in their grief. Please take care of each other, take time to talk about Corine and what she strived to show each of us; faith and family together take precedence over all else.



She was a gymnast under Dale Shirley at AOG (Academy of Olympic Gymnastics); Newport High School gymnast 1985-1988; SPU gymnast 1988-1992 under Laurel Tindall. All American Bars in 1990 and 1991. MVP 1991. Member of the SPU Gymnastics National Team Champions in 1992. Coached Newport High 1993-1995 - 1st State Championship for Newport in 1994. Started judging in 1991. Married Darin and was the mother of four. USAG WA Compulsory Judge of the Year 2006 and 2007.

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Women's Technical Committie Meeting Minutes: Nov. 1-3, 2013

WA State Clinic July 11-13, 2014 at Emerald City;  featuring Tammy Biggs, Tom Koll, Dan Baker and other national and college coaches.

State Clinic Information



Region 2 Congress
Aug. 8-10, Naydenov


National Congress
Aug. 21-24, USAG Congress, Pittsburgh, with US Championships

Important Info:

For information on Jacoby Miles, Roach Gymnastics athlete who had a major injury - there are funds to help with her costs: Jacoby Miles website


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