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Upcoming Events

  • Washington State Congress - July 10-12, 2015
    At Emerald City Gymnastics Academy, Redmond, WA

Recent Results

Congratulations to all of our National Competitors!


The Vote is in!

Voting is now over for the new State Committee. Please view below to see your new State Committee members!

Summer Camps

See all of the summer camps that our state has to offer! Please email the webmaster for free inclusion on this site!


Congratulations to the members of the new State Committee! Thank you to everyone for voting!
State Chair: Sandy Flores
Central Rep: Kim Thompson
East Rep: Mike Armstrong (unopposed)
North Rep: Kelle Riley
South Rep: Brent Phelps
Compulsory Rep: Laurie Reid
Optional Rep: Brian Muenz
Educational Rep: Nola Ayres (unopposed)


Current News


P&G Championships

Good Luck to Jordan Chilese and Shilese Jones at the 2014 P&G Championships! Washington is rooting for you!

Prayers Needed

Prayers needed for the owner of Skagit Valley Gymnastics… Michelle got bit by a spider 3 1/2 weeks ago and didn't know it. She started to have hip and groin pain and thought she pulled something. Went to the Doctor after 2 weeks and was diagnosed with shingles. Didn't get any better and went back in and they figured out it was an infection and put her on antibiotics. She got way worse Thursday and went in again Friday. They rushed her from the Doctor office to the hospital in an ambulance and into emergency surgery. She was only given a 50% survival rate at that point. They took out 16 inches of tissue out of her leg and hip area Friday and she has had 2 more surgeries since then. She was on a ventilator, but is off now and slowly recovering. She is in the ICU at Skagit Valley Hospital and will go to a rehabilitation center for a few weeks after that.

Gift for Jacoby 5K

Please note Jacoby Miles fundraising information.
After Jacoby's tragic accident, the theme "We Take Care of our Own" was adopted. USA Gymnastics through the efforts of Steve Penny, President and CEO of USA Gymnastics continues to support Jacoby, this year by graciously donating two tickets to the American Cup. Through your donation to the Northwest Spinal Cord Fund you will be entered in a raffle for two VIP tickets, air and hotel to the 2015 AT &T American Cup in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium March 7th. This is also the same site of the March 6th Nastia Liukin Meet, which for the third consecutive year Charity Choice will be our state/regional invitational qualifying meet to the event. This will be a fun weekend, but more importantly supports "one of our own" who will always have daily specialized care and medical needs.

In 2013 Jacoby was the recipient of USAG WA Most Inspirational award. I visited with Jacoby last week. She is the bright, smiling gymnast that we all know. She continues to go to Roach Gymnastics weekly to support her team, and visit with all the coaches and staff. Melanie refers to Jacoby as a Super Star - as she never quits and works hard to stay strong. Her positive attitude and work ethic is truly an inspiration! If she could run / walk the 5-k she would, but that is not possible! I hope you will register and join in this effort to support her.

View the Flier

US Secret Classic

Congratulations to Jordan Chiles! Jordan won the Junior Division at the US Classic this weekend! Shilese Jones also competed and finished 14th in the All Around and qualified to the P&G Championships! Washington will have two gymnasts competing at the US Championships!

State Committee Election Resumes


Central Representative - Kim Thompson
Central Representative - Laurel Tindall
North Representative - Lynda Cottrill
North Representative - Kelle Riley
South Representative - Brent Phelps
South Representative- Christy Sawhill
Compulsory Representative - Colleen Long
Compulsory Representative - Laurie Reid
Optional Representative - Brian Muenz
Optional Representative - James Thompson
Xcel Representative - Susan Riley
Xcel Representatice - Jan Urfer

Region 2 Congress

Region 2 Congress is approching quickly! Have you registered yet? Click here to register for Region 2 Congress.


Committee Member Elections

USA Gymnastics Washington is now accepting nominations for the new State Committee. Nominations are due by July 31, 2014. If there is someone you would like to nominate please fill out the Nomination Form and mail it to:

USA Gymnatics Washington
c/o Emerald City Gymnastics Academy
17735 NE 65th Street, Suite 110
Redmond, WA 98052
Fax: 425-882-0684, please call to confirm it was received: 425-861-8772

Details for the online vote will be up soon. Voting will begin August 4, 2014.

USA Gymnastics Minutes - May 2014

New Committee Member Elections

USA Gymnastics Washington Members,

Due to the current election not being held according to the Operating Code of USA Gymnastics, the national office has advised me to cancel the current election. The new state director will send out a call for nominations upon taking office on July 1st. There will be a new 4 week period for nominations, and then the election following that procedure.
I apologize for this inconvenience.

Patti Gable

USA Gymnastics Online Registration

Click here to view the information on USA Gymnastics' New Online Registration System and USA Gymnastics Opens the New Season for Athlete Registration.

Jeslo Meet

Congratulations to Jordan Chiles, Naydenov Gymnastics, for a sixth place finish at the Jeslo Trophy competition in Italy!

Calendar Reminder

The calendar contains all of the meet requests as they come in - it is located on the Calendar link.

Board Votes

Additional USA Gymnastics WA Committee votes are posted on the Minutes Link

XCEL Code of Points

The XCEL Code of Points is now officially on sale in iBooks from USA Gymnastics.